Hoverfly and Seed capsule

Scientific drawings.

Made during studies at  Hochschule Luzern D&K

Method: Rapidograph (Indian Ink)

Archeological Drawings

Archeological drawings of different archeological materials.Made during studies in a practicum in "Kantonsarchäologie Luzern" and during a short internship in "Archäologischer dienst Bern"

Method: Pencil, Rapidograph, Illustrator


Young apple tree

Method: Indian Ink, Aquarelle

Fir cone

Different drawings with Indian ink

Method: Indian Ink



Analytic drawing of a corncob.

Made during studies at Hochschule Luzern D&K

Method: Pencil


African Masks

Made in the Museum Rietberg in Zürich

Method: Indian Ink

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